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Our friends

At Roberto Forte dei Marmi, we love our four-legged friends as much as we love our guests. That's why we are proud to mention that our beach is dog friendly, and therefore all pooches are more than welcome to spend time on the beach with their owners.

For us, our four-legged friends are part of the family, and for this reason we have created a unique and luxurious beach experience for them too.

The rows of tents are named after our Labradors, to pay homage to their presence and importance in our lives.

Even in the cabins we have thought of our welcome guests by providing biscuits, prizes and bags, to make them feel pampered like their masters.

In addition, every seasonal dog that visits our beach has its own personalized bowl, to make their stay even more special.

At Roberto Forte dei Marmi, we are committed to providing an exceptional and inclusive beach experience, which also welcomes our four-legged friends. Come and discover our dog friendly beach and you will live with them, and with us, unforgettable moments

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